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At Eaglehawk Hire your safety is very important to us, we highly recommend wearing the appropriate safety wear when completing your jobs.

Types of personal protective equipment.

  • Respiratory protection - for example, disposable, cartridge, air line, half or full face
  • Eye protection – for example, spectacles/goggles, shields, visors
  • Hearing protection – for example, ear muffs and plugs
  • Hand protection – for example, gloves and barrier creams
  • Foot protection – for example, shoes/boots
  • Head protection – for example, helmets, caps, hoods, hats
  • Working from heights - for example, harness and fall arrest devices
  • Skin protection – for example, hats, sunburn cream, long sleeved clothes
  • Other personal protective equipment: This may include equipment for specific tasks such disposable clothing for working with chemicals, radiation hazards, welding, painting. Examples include: lead aprons for x-ray protection; sleeve protectors, aprons, coveralls when using chemicals; leather jackets, trousers and spats for welding; thermal and cold protective clothing for work near furnaces and cool rooms.

It is also important to understand Safe Manual Handling processes and we’ve highlighted these below.

Manual handling

  • Wherever possible, eliminate the need to lift things by hand
  • Reduce the need to lift objects by locating and storing objects at waist height
  • Minimise the impact of lifting by reducing the size and weight of objects to be lifted (but ensure that this does not increase the frequency of lifting).
  • Ensure floors and ground surfaces in work areas, car parks and entrances are level, clean, well lit, clear of obstacles and in good repair
  • Ensure spills and leaks are contained and cleaned up quickly – and fix their causes
  • Reduce tripping hazards by storing objects and materials away from walkways

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