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Plaster lifter

This Panel Lifter can handle Gyprock, Drywall, and Plasterboard etc., giving you the power of 2-3 men. This panel lift is adjustable and a purpose designed wallboard holder and lifter. Half Day: $40| Full day: $55


Material Hoist/Duct Lifter

18'-24'(5.4m-7.3m) Material Hoists (Duct lifters). Used for lifting ducting, air conditioners, steel beams & lintels, suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations. Half Day: $75| Full day: $100


Trewhella Jack

3 - 10 Tonne Trewalla Used for lifting of houses for restumping. Can also be used for removing posts from the ground. Half Day: $15| Full day: $25


Level - Dumpy

Dumpy Level Used for taking levels on building sites. Features: Comes with tripod and staff. Half day: $45| Full day: $65


Level - Spirit

1200mm vertical and horizontal tradesman's level. Full day: $10


Measuring Wheel

Survey Measuring Wheel - Manual Half Day: $30 Full Day: $40


Patio heater (plus filled 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)

Stainless Steel Mushroom Radiant Heaters Ideal for heating outdoor areas. Features Heater runs on LPG. Quiet operation No Fan. Variable thermostat. No Electrical power needed. Price: $60 Full day (plus gas cost if required)


Roaster (plus filled 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)

With ample room to roast vegetables, chickens and other small to medium meats, this roaster is a great choice. Price: $90 Full day (plus 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)


Plastic Chairs (stackable)

White plastic stackable chairs for parties or events. Price: $2.50 per chair - Full day


Trestle Tables (1400 x 750mm)

Plastic Trestle Tables (1400 x 750mm). Conveniently folds in half with carry handle. Price: $15.00 per table - Full day


Toilet - Towable

Towable toilet on trailer - self tow, ideal for parties and social events. Price: $100 *Pick-Up & Delivery Additional - cartage cost calculated on Distance & Labour


Flexdrive Pump and Motor

2" Flextool Flexdrive Pump & 10m Delivery Hose (50mm), 6m Pump Shaft. Half day: $55 | Full day: $80


Submersible Pump 38mm

Electric Submersible Pump (32mm). Uses Ideal for moving large volumes of clean water quickly. Half day: $30 | Full day: $40


Water Tank(1000ltr) & pump

1000 litre water tank on trailer with pump. Towing requirements: 750kg capacity car required unloaded, 2000kg capacity required full of water. Half day: $70 | Full day: $95


Extension Ladder 4mtr x 6mtr (12-18')

Extensive range of ladders on application. Please contact for further information. Half day: $20 | Full day: $25