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Saw - Jig

Electric Jigsaw Uses Ideal for cutting timber and metal around curves. Features Three speed switch. Can be angled for mitre cuts. Easy to control, very accurate. 50mm capacity wood. 5mm capcity metal. Half day: $25 | Full day: $35


Saw - Sabre

Sabre Saw Uses Cutting wood, steel, plastic. combination of blades available depending on job. Dimensions Weight: 3kg, Speed: up to 2400 strokes/min, Stroke length: 28mm Half day: $40 | Full day: $50


Saw - Tile Cutter (electric)

Tile cutter for straight and jolly (45° angle) cuts of single and double fired ceramic, porcelain stoneware and marble.

http://battipav.com/en/product/class-plus-1050s/  Half day: $95 | Full day: $125


Pallet Trolley/Jack

2 Tonne Hydraulic Pallet Loader Used for moving pallets and other loads. Half Day:$25| Full day: $30


Piano Trolley

Used for moving pianos, furniture, appliances and filing cabinets etc. Full day: $20


Plaster lifter

This Panel Lifter can handle Gyprock, Drywall, and Plasterboard etc., giving you the power of 2-3 men. This panel lift is adjustable and a purpose designed wallboard holder and lifter. Half Day: $40| Full day: $55


Material Hoist/Duct Lifter

18'-24'(5.4m-7.3m) Material Hoists (Duct lifters). Used for lifting ducting, air conditioners, steel beams & lintels, suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations. Half Day: $75| Full day: $100


Trewhella Jack

3 - 10 Tonne Trewalla Used for lifting of houses for restumping. Can also be used for removing posts from the ground. Half Day: $15| Full day: $25


Level - Spirit

1200mm vertical and horizontal tradesman's level. Full day: $10


Measuring Wheel

Survey Measuring Wheel - Manual Half Day: $30 Full Day: $40


Patio heater (plus filled 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)

Stainless Steel Mushroom Radiant Heaters Ideal for heating outdoor areas. Features Heater runs on LPG. Quiet operation No Fan. Variable thermostat. No Electrical power needed. Price: $60 Full day (plus gas cost if required)


Roaster (plus filled 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)

With ample room to roast vegetables, chickens and other small to medium meats, this roaster is a great choice. Price: $90 Full day (plus 9kg gas cylinder cost @ $28 if required)


Plastic Chairs (stackable)

White plastic stackable chairs for parties or events. Price: $2.50 per chair - Full day


Trestle Tables (1400 x 750mm)

Plastic Trestle Tables (1400 x 750mm). Conveniently folds in half with carry handle. Price: $15.00 per table - Full day


Toilet - Towable

Towable toilet on trailer - self tow, ideal for parties and social events. Price: $100 *Pick-Up & Delivery Additional - cartage cost calculated on Distance & Labour