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Sprinkler Trencher

12" Groundhog 'Bullet Tooth' Trencher. Suitable for a wide variety of ground, including sand, lawn, clay, gravel and road base. Half day: $80 | Full day: $110


10 KVA Makinex Generator

The 10kVA 230/415V generator is ideal for professionals in the construction and flooring industries. Suitable for use on construction sites, and rural areas, it provides a convenient, compact, portable way to power 230V single phase and 415V three phase equipment.

Weighing a little more than 100 kilos you can have the 10kVA generator off your truck and in position where it is needed, with no fuss at all. Designed with advanced magnetic flux alternator technology the generator produces power from a much smaller package than competitive generators with the same rating.

This light, compact 10kVA petrol generator packs a big punch for its small size. It simultaneously powers two single phase tools up to 15A and one three-phase 11A/415V machine. And with power outlets included as standard, there is no messing with voltage switches, just plug in and go.

Half day: $80 | Full day: $100


6 KVA Makinex Generator

Petrol power unit. Ideal for small compressors and power tools. Runs multiple 240v equipment. Half day: $70 | Full day: $90


Industrial Fan

Half day: $30 | Full day: $45


Porta light

Half day: $30 | Full day: $45


Toilet - Self-Tow

Towable toilet on trailer - designed for you to pick-up and return with a minimum of fuss. Each $100


Toilet - Skid/Site (Long term-Trade only)

Toilet - Skid/Site (Long term-Trade only) $25.00 per week - calculated daily *Pick-Up & Delivery Additional - calculated on Cartage Distance & Labour


Special NeedsToilet

Large flat access toilet catering for special needs. Full day/Weekend event $175 *Plus Delivery/Pickup charge $50.00 (within 25k radius of Bendigo CBD) **Delivery/Pickup charge for outer areas Price on Application


15 metre reach 150T Cherry Picker

Niftty 150T  (15m) Bi Powered Trailer Lifter (Cherry Picker) Half Day$200 | Full day: $300


5.8 metre (19') Scissor Lift

19' Scissor Lift (Haullotte or JLG models) on trailer. Half Day$140.00 Full day: $185.00


Pedestrian Saw & Diamond Blade

350mm(18") Concrete Pedestrian Saw Used for cutting concrete slabs,expansion joints, pathways and asphalt. Half day: $100 | Full day: $150


Power Saw 235mm (Wood)

235mm Electric Timber Circular Saw (Image is a representation only) Half day: $30 | Full day: $40


Quickcut saw & diamond blade

Husqvarna 14" Concrete Demolition Saws. Half day: $100 | Full day: $145


Saw - Brick w/blade

Husqvarna Electric Brick Saw Used for cutting bricks, pavers and blocks upto 600mm wide. Features Petrol or Electric. Folds down for easy transport on a trailer or back of car. Can cut angles and bevilles. Dimensions Machine Size, LxWxH 1120x600x600 mm, Max Cut Depth: 230mm, Max Cut Length: 700mm, Special Requirements Must have running water available whilst cutting. Half day: $100 | Full day: $140


Saw - drop (mitre) wood

300mm Electric Timber Slide Compound Saw Uses Ideal for cutting timber fencing, flooring, framing and joinery. Features Tungsten blade. Adjustable cutting depth max 85mm. Drop saw action. Can be used to cut mitres, bevels and compound joints. Half day: $45 | Full day: $60