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Diesel Kanga 6 Series and Post Hole Borer Attachment Use for digging post holes for fences, stumps, footing or trees holes etc. Features Auger sizes from 150mm(6") to 450mm(18") Comes on own trailer, 1800kg capacity required. Half day: $185 | Full day: $250


Pressure washer (petrol) 4000psi

Makinex professional cold water petrol pressure washer, tough and robust, used for cleaning concrete, bricks, walls and paving. 4000PSI with rotary cleaner (whirly bird) option also, great for bringing old concrete and pavers back to life!  Half day: $125 | Full day: $175


Pressure washer small gerni 1200psi

The GERNI is destined for low intensity use and routine cleaning tasks. It offers excellent cleaning performance, good storage facilities and is easy to handle. Half day: $30 | Full day: $45


Vacuum cleaner WET or DRY

Husqvarna Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry. Half day: $45 | Full day: $60


Concrete Grinder Meteor

Meteor Concrete Grinder and Dust Extractor. Used for grinding minor steps in concrete slabs and pathways. Ideal for exposing aggregate on new or old slabs. Also used for removing paint off floors. Electric driven. Different diamond heads available, specific uses ie. Paint and Glue Removal, Fine Grinding, Course Grinding. Half day: $225| Full day: $330


RUBI /SIGMA Tile Cutter

Hand Operated Tile Cutters Used for cutting ceramic and terracotta tiles. Can cut tiles up 500 mm square. Half Day: $25| Full day: $40


Hammer Drill - Bosch (Bits Inc)

Electric Rotary Drill Hammer/Concrete Breaker. Ideal for drilling masonry, concrete and bricks to 38mm (1 1/2") Light demolition of bricks, rock breaking and clay excavation Scabbling concrete. Features Hammer action drills masonary quickly Breaking concrete. Half day: $50 | Full day: $60


Jackhammer Electric PH65

Ideal for breaking of concrete up to 75mm (3") thick. Light rock breaking, bitumen and clay excavation. Half day: $65 | Full day: $85


Tile Lifter & Hammer Drill

Ideal for breaking tiles. Half day: $50 | Full day: $75


Hitachi DH40 Hammer Drill

Half day: $50 | Full day: $75


1/2 Electric Hammer Drill

Half day: $25 | Full day: $35


3/8 Variable-Rev Drill

Half day: $20 | Full day: $25


Ramset Gun

Ramset Concrete Nail Gun Used for fixing timber of steel to concrete. Gun powder charge operated. Suits nails from 20mm to 75mm. Half day: $35 | Full day: $50


Belt Sander 75mm x 660mm

Half day: $25 | Full day: $35


Extension cords

Full day: $10