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Plank 4000mm

Extensive range of planks on application. Please contact for further information. Full day: $20


Plank 5000mm

Extensive range of planks on application. Please contact for further information. Full day: $25



Wallpaper Steamers Uses For easy & fast removal of wall paper. Features 240v electric. Up to 3 hours of steam time from one fill, Only clean water required (no chemicals), Large, lightweight & durable steam pan. Half day: $30 | Full day: $40



Hand Eel Ideal for cleaning drains blocked with tree roots, leaves, grease etc. Half Day: $25 | Full day: $35



Saw bench, towable. Petrol driven. Half day: $85 | Full day: $115


Log Splitter (Hydraulic)

The HVLS Series 2 Log Splitter is an economic alternative that operates in both the horizontal and vertical positions. The Red Roo HVLS makes light work of hardwood and is powered by a genuine 9hp (6.75Kw) OHC Robin Subaru engine the HVLS assists in providing a low cost energy alternative. Ideal for large acreage owners and those with a rural lifestyle the HVLS comes assembled with mudguards, jockey wheel and 50mm (2") tow coupling, this unit is towable on Australian roads.

https://youtu.be/z0vvkCt0OTo Half day: $85 | Full day: $115


Acrow Props

The remarkably versatile Acrow Prop has many uses and it would be hard to find a building site where it is not used in one way or another. The universal popularity of the Acrow Prop is due to the fact that it provides the simplest and quickest method of temporary support. The main use of the Acrow Prop is in the temporary support of formwork for reinforced concrete floors and beams. They are equally useful as raking shores to support formwork for columns, walls and staircases. Full day: $10 Weekly: $20


Machinery Trailer 2.1m x 1.2m

Single axle Trailer 2.1m x 1.2m. Suitable for carrying small machinery. Half day: $50| Full day: $65


Bain Marie

3 Pan Bain Marie Price: $45 per unit or 2 for $65 Full day


Electrical Urn

10 litre (40 cup) Price: $20 per unit or 2 for $30 Full day


Kanga 6 series Diesel Mini Loader with Bucket only

The 6 Series Loader comes with huge 23″ tyres to give better ground clearance, faster ground speed and high puncture resistance. We keep you working longer! Perfect for all terrains due to the independent 4-wheel hi –torque drive system, and coupled with the 23inch tyres allows this loader in the most undulating places with an amazing 185mm of ground clearance. Proving popular for a variety of uses such as a rental yard or general contractor, the Kanga 6 series has a hydraulic system pressure of up to 3250 psi that ensures incredible power and durability. Half day: $180 | Full day: $220


Pie Warmer

Electric 5 rack pie warmer Price: $45.00 Full day


Tile Lifter & Trolley

Ideal for breaking tiles. Half day: $75 | Full day: $100


Concrete Core Drill

Half day: $60 | Full day: $80


Electric saw & diamond blade dex saw

Husqvarna Electric Concrete Saw (Dex Saw) Half day: $120 | Full day: $175