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Aerator (spiked roller)

Manual roller designed for easy use to aerate soil and enable deeper watering and fertilisationand promote growth. Unit can be filled with water.
Half day: $20 | Full day: $25


Lawn mower (domestic)

Honda Commercial Petrol Lawn Mower. lightweight and easy to push. Comes with Catcher Half day: $45| Full day: $60


Aerator (powered)

Designed to extract a plug of soil, to rejuvenate lawns and enable deep watering and fertilisation. Half day: $70 | Full day: $90


Blower (Petrol)

Designed to blow away fallen leaves grass cutting and general debris. Dry wet surfaces. Half day: $30 | Full day: $35


Whipper Snipper - Brushcutter

2-STROKE fueled. Line trimmer for trimming up to gardens, paths and walls.. Half day: $40 | Full day: $50


Extension Pruner

Used for hedging or pruning high bushes and trees. Full day: $15


Garden Tools - Assorted

Selection of garden hand tools. Full day: $10


Hedge Trimmer

Petrol driven trimmer to shape shrubs and hedges. Half Day: $35 | Full day: $45


Lawn Roller (water filled)

Use this very simple 60L Lawn Roller/Compactor to compress your lawn to the right level. Half day: $20 Full day: $25


Rotary Hoe-Large (Self Propelled)

Self propelled walk behind Hydraulic machine, designed to break up hard soil and clay ground for lawns and gardens. Half day: $110 Full day: $160


Rotary Hoe-Medium (Self Propelled)

Self propelled walk behind machine, designed to break up hard soil and clay ground for lawns and gardens. Half day: $90 Full day: $130


Rotary Tiller

Light weight machine designed to turn over established garden beds. Half day: $60 | Full day: $80


Seed Spreader

Walk behind unit designed to spread seed for lawn. Half day: $20 | Full day: $25


Slasher (Self Propelled)

The Super Heavycut is ideal for the fast and efficient clearing of bracken, long grass, regrowth and blackberries. It will cut in areas that other machinery such as tractors and ride-on mowers simply cannot. The Super Heavycut is robust in design and is fully guarded to DLI standards. Half day: $65 | Full day: $95


Sprinkler Trencher

12" Groundhog 'Bullet Tooth' Trencher. Suitable for a wide variety of ground, including sand, lawn, clay, gravel and road base. Half day: $80 | Full day: $110