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Floor sanders & polishers

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Floor sander 8'' drum

HT8 Drum Floor Sander. Level and sand all types of timber floors and parquet. Also use on decking fibe board, cork and composition floors.
Half day: $70 | Full day: $90


Edge Sander

HT7- Disc Floor Edge Sander. High performance disc sander used in conjunction with the HT8 drum sander to sand the perimeter of the flooring that the drum sander can't access. Half day: $45 | Full day: $65


Finisher Sander

HTF-2 Floor Finish Sander. Finely balanced orbital floor sander for the sanding and finishing of all types of timber floors including pre-finished parquet, plank and laminate flooring systems. Ideal for screen and re-coat work of stained and manufactured lacquered floors. Half day: $70 | Full day: $90


Carpet Kicker

Carpet Knee Kicker. For installing and laying carpet. Full day: $20


Carpet Blower

The Carpet Blower can be used after cleaning, accelerating the evaporation of residual humidity from carpet. Half day: $30 Full day: $45


Secret nailer

A secret nailer is still by far the best method of installing floor boards to leave the timber completely free from nail holes and blemishes. Half day: $55 Full day: $75