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Earthmoving & excavation

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1.29t Bobcat S70 Skid Steer Loader Used for excavating, moving soil, loam, and mulch. Ideal for levelling sand, rock and dirt. 4 in 1 Bucket, 1120mm wide, Operating load rating 317kg, tipping load weight 640kg. Comes on own trailer.
Half day: $235 | Full day: $360


Kanga 6 with trencher

Kanga 120mm Trencher Attachment Use for digging trenches for electrical, stormwater, sewer and agricultural pipes.
Half day: $185 | Full day: $250


Excavator 1.7 Bobcat E17

The 1.7t Bobcat E17z Mini Excavator provides an unmatched combination of features for a machine of its size, from ZTS (Zero Tail Swing); its impressive digging forces and working range; the smoothness of workgroup functions; the fast hydraulic performance in terms of low cycle times and its reliability, durability and easy service access. The ZHS functionality on the E17z provides the peace-of-mind of 320° of free rotation when working close to walls and other obstruction, without sacrificing on operator comfort or performance. Easy to tow on it's own trailer. 

Half day: $330 day: $430



Diesel Kanga 6 Series and Post Hole Borer Attachment Use for digging post holes for fences, stumps, footing or trees holes etc. Features Auger sizes from 150mm(6") to 450mm(18") Comes on own trailer, 1800kg capacity required. Half day: $185 | Full day: $250


Post hole digger - Hand Auger 200mm

Manual Post Hole Borer Use for digging post holes for fences, stumps, footing or trees etc. Half day: $20 | Full day: $25


1 Man Hydraulic Post Hole Borer

1 Man Hydraulic Post Hole Borer Use for digging post holes for fences, stumps, footing or trees etc. Auger Range: 100mm - 300mm Auger Half day: $70 | Full day: $95


Star Post Driver

Designed to drive star posts into the ground Full day: $30


Star Post Remover

Designed to remove steel star posts from the ground Full day: $30


Kanga 6 series Diesel Mini Loader with Bucket only

The 6 Series Loader comes with huge 23″ tyres to give better ground clearance, faster ground speed and high puncture resistance. We keep you working longer! Perfect for all terrains due to the independent 4-wheel hi –torque drive system, and coupled with the 23inch tyres allows this loader in the most undulating places with an amazing 185mm of ground clearance. Proving popular for a variety of uses such as a rental yard or general contractor, the Kanga 6 series has a hydraulic system pressure of up to 3250 psi that ensures incredible power and durability. Half day: $180 | Full day: $220


Tuff Truck Flextool Electric Mini Dumper

Operator safety is optimised with the 2-stage self-tipping skip and automatic motor brake system, while the wide profile mud gripper tyres, excellent load capacity and robust, heavy duty
construction prove the Flextool TuffTruk is designed for all types of materials and tough terrains across a variety of trades. Easy to transport on it's own trailer. 


  • Large capacity Poly skip with a payload up to 450kg, easy to clean out and reduced noise while loading and unloading.
  • Self-tipping skip with ultimate tip angle to ensure load can be totally emptied.
  • Articulated steering function with patented center steering system gives ultimate maneuverability.
  • Easy to steer in hard to access and tight spaces
  • Automated safe parking system
  • Fully sealed hydrostatic drive system with constant 4WD
  • Up to 8 hours of run time on one charge, no emissions, safe for indoor use and small areas. 

Half day: $95 | Full day: $125